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Outlet shopping (or Factory Outlet) is an idea originally imported from the United States (currently counting more than 300 Outlets centres), that started this trend at the end of the 70's. Beginning from Clarks Village in Somerset, this idea spread all over UK first, than it involved also Europe and Asia, where new Factory Outlets are still growing up.

In Italy they started in 2000. The first outlet centres in Italy were born in Alessandria, Rome and Florence.

With this guide to the most important italian outlet shoppings we would like to suggest some commercial itineraries through the best outlet center and outlet malls in Italy.

The success of Factory Outlets is due to the discounted prices to fashion stock, that manufacturers can apply because they sell their surplus or old-fashion stock.

Often these stores are grouped together in Outlet mall (or Outlet centre), where manufacturers sell directly to the public through their own branded stores.

Clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, toys, sporting goods and electrical products are among the types of items sold at outlet malls.

They are often situated far from residential communities, because it's cheaper and usually it's legally necessary, as conventional retailers may have contractual restrictions on the manufacturer on the location of the factory outlets so as to minimise competition with the traditional retailer. Therefore, factory outlets are usually located at least 20 kilometers outside of major cities. And don't worry for the distance: from many cities there are transportation service to the outlet, free or with a ticket bus.


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Florence Shopping Tour to Prada and the Mall Fashion Outlets

the-mallFirst stop: Prada outlet (1.5 hours). Second stop: The Mall (2.5 hours).
Price: From €28.00

Foxtown Outlet Shopping tour

foxtown-outlet-shopping-tour-in-milan-1From Milano to the Foxtown outlets, where you'll find over 130 stores.
Price: From €20.00

Serravalle Outlet Shopping Tour

serravalle-outlet-shopping-tour-in-milan-1 You'll find a range of clothing, footwear, home furnishings and cosmetics, all discounted between 30-70% off the recommended retail price.
Price: From €20.00

Private Tour: Florence Shopping Tour to Gucci and Prada Outlet

private-tour-florence-shopping-tour-to-gucci-and-prada-outlet-in-florence-2 First stop: Prada Outlet (2 hours). Second stop: The Mall (2 hours). Then Fendi Outlet (45 minutes) and Dolce & Gabbana Outlet (1 hour).
Price: From €81.25